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Home Valuation

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Our online home valuation service is a quick way to get an idea of your property value and monthly lettings income.

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Arrange for one of our professional to visit your home and provides a free valuation.

How Is Your Property Value Calculated?

Searching For Tax Information

Our experts will check the county public tax records of the property. We gather beneficial data like:

Property's assessed value:

We evaluate the value of your current assets with our estimates.

Evaluating Market Trends

Our experts research micro trends around your area of the house for anything that could impact the value of your home. For example, we collect traffic data to determine if there is a significant road construction down the block from your home. This micro-market trend will drive the final number on your comparative market analysis down, despite your neighborhood's general trend of the market improving.

Millage rate:

It is crucial because the higher the millage rate is, the greater the tax rate for the owner will be. This value impacts home prices conversely. It means the higher the tax rate, the lower the value of your home.

Using Comparable

We use data from local MLS and find five sold properties that match or are close to your subject property going back six months to a year, depending on market trends.

Do you live in a major metropolitan area? Is your subject property pretty typical of the offerings in your area? We will have a great chance of finding some near comparable on exactly your subject property criteria.

Home Value Estimator

Using Comparable

Whether you are selling or buying, a home value estimate provides insight into what you could get financing. It also helps you form a strategy for moving forward.

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Enter your street address, city, and state, or add your ZIP code. We will calculate our best home value estimate using millions of property records in our database.

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